Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Unlocking the Secret of Living a Generous Life

It's no secret that The Warford Foundation, Inc is very nontraditional in their mission, and giving practices; but this is a must listen interview! Parthenia Warford, CEO and Founder opens up to Michael Chatman, The Michael Chatman Giving Show in April 7, 2016 interview revealing why she will give her last to sow into her community or anyone in need. LISTEN Unlocking the Secret of Living a Generous Life with Parthenia Warford interviewed by Michael Chatman, CEO, The Michael Chatman Giving Show, Thursday, April 7, 2016. 

You can hear The Michael Chatman Giving Show every Thursday at 11am CT, featuring private donors, public foundations, corporate funders, individual philanthropists, and government funders who are committed to creating a more generous world. The show is an online radio format broadcasted by Unity Online Radio.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Warford Foundation, Inc BeautyBrainsBelief™ Organic Community Garden 2016 Phase 1

The Warford Foundation, Inc BeautyBrainsBelief™ Organic Community Garden 2016 Phase 1, in the absence of volunteers Parthenia hired two contractors to clean out the garden beds we used last year. They were also contracted to assemble  the greenhouse purchased over the Winter, total cost today $350.00 paid from her personal funds.

As you see her backyard has plenty of room to support her vision to triple the size of the current beds if not more. To support Phase 2 we urgently need:

▪  Volunteers to help build the new beds
▪  Donation of organic compost
▪  Assistance plantng the organic seeds (already purchased)
▪  Donation of rain barrels for self-watering
▪  Help maintain, harvest, and distribute to needy families.

If you can help and are serious ONLY please email info@thewarfordfoundation.org Subject:  BeautyBrainsBelief™ Organic Community Garden Project. We are 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible including in-kind services, please email for additional information.

This is an excellent opportunity to partner with us if you are a nonprofit personal chef that routinely feeds less fortunate -  Single Mom, Military Widow, Teen Mom, Homeless, families in DC Metro Area. Our point of contact for all community events is Ms. Carrie Lambert, Vice President, Special Events and Community Relations, carriel@thewarfordfoundation.org SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Open Letter - Parthenia Warford, CEO

OPEN LETTER - Testimony from Parthenia  Warford, CEO/Founder, The Warford Foundation, Inc.

I received the message in the last paragraph last night after waking from my day of infusion treatment, but it had me so moved that I couldn't answer her until now.

A little back story: I live in DC Metro Area since being stationed here in 1998, I retired February 2002 after 20yrs in the Army here because my youngest daughter at the time was in her senior year at Baneker High School in DC and ultimately went on to Hampton University for college. My oldest was attending University of Florida, before doing second degree at University of Hawaii.

Anyway in 2005 I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis which the Army failed to diagnose during my 20yr career, it was so severe I was placed on permanent disability from working and had 3 major surgeries: a total right hip replacement as soon as 2009, cervical fusion 2011, amd lumbar laminectomy. Well this threw my close family in turmoil, well not really both daughters moved back home to care  of me. You see I always put my daughters first growing up they knew if I wasn't home I was at work, not the club, not with some man, at work or taking college classes to make a better life for us. So, as the surgeries ended, I begged them one by one to start living their lives the oldest moved to an amazing opportunity in Washington State.

Then it was me and my youngest who up until 2013 didn't work to ensure I had 3 meals cooked everyday, my medication at prescribed times, helped me bathe, get dressed, do my exercises, schedule my in-home nurse, therapy appointments, she drove me to medical appointments outside the home and gave doctor's fits often telling them "look my Mommie is not a test dummy, figure out what's wrong and fast. AND by the way NO MORE surgeries." I  would sit there and smile because my oldest would also call the doctors once she moved if she didn’t like the report we gave her, my babies don't play when it comes to me because they know the sacrifices I made for them then and now.

When 2013 came I told my baby girl okay you will be turning 30 soon so it's time for you to do what you want and move where it can happen. Neither of is really wanted it to happen but knew it was best, she moved September 2013 with the promises from "friends" that they would check on me, come visit, etc well 3yrs later almost and nothing but I didn't expect anything either. But some of those very people have come to me when they needed to talk, someone to purchase their product, pay a speeding ticket over $600 to keep from going to jail, etc.

Oh, and my own nonprofit board and volunteers were no better, everyone knows I have no family in this area and I have been in weekly treatment, take daily medication, and have a comfort dog Princess for Major Depression Disorder, Anxiety, PTSD, MST.  Yet Princess and I spent all the holidays alone with no phone calls (outside my daughter's oldest had back surgery hard to travel right now and youngest is personal trainer client calendars were hectic) except parents in STL, no one called to help dig me out of 3ft of snow.

But I have one person that has never and will NEVER leave me and that's GOD so I'm always going to survive whatever comes my way. That's why I don't beg people to donate to my nonprofit, it is dear to my heart because it's my life story so yes, I will continue to foot all the bills, do the work because it's what God has placed in me as my Pure Giving coupled over 37yrs of sowing seeds into #SingleMom families, & 6.5yrs  classrooms in Stanton Elementary SE, DC through our nonprofit mentoring, Thanksgiving food basket for every fily in our adopted classroom, whatever is needed.

So as Tim Bowman song goes "I'm Good" & Anthony Brown "Worth" & Marvin Sapp "The Best In Me" thank you gentlemen for writing songs that have ministered to my soul and brought me even closer to God.

At 17 pregnant a junior in high school yes I was told by oldest daughter's grandmother (his Mother) "you will never be anything and no one will ever want you."  Well, I proved you wrong on several accords, I was married before do you know who I am, well God does!!

Thank you so much Jane J Wilbert for sending me a simple note on Facebook saying that you are thinking about me yesterday and igniting this powerful Open Letter that I needed to write for many years now. Just another reason why I love you! ♡

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

VOTE L'Oréal 2015 Woman of Worth - Schinnell Leake

Schinnell Leake

As a mother, Schinnell Leake knows how important it is for her children to feel confident and have self-worth. After learning that more than 2,000 children live in homeless shelters throughout the Washington, D.C. area, Schinnell decided to form Extra-Ordinary Birthdays, the only organization of its kind in the capital that throws individualized birthday parties for homeless children to make them feel loved and valued. Using her party-planning background, Schinnell has thrown more than 400 birthday parties since the organization’s inception five years ago, and Extra-Ordinary Birthdays has partnered with six homeless shelters across Maryland and D.C.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Reflections on September 11, 2011

Open letter from our CEO and Founder, Parthenia Warford, US Army Retired

Some don't know that 14yrs ago today, I almost lost my life in the Pentagon on 9/11. I was getting my retirement physical from the Army at Ft Myer (a rock throw from the Pentagon) if the lab tech not been late for work, I would have been in the office where the plane hit the Pentagon and killed my mentor and many more. So today, I ask that you pray for everyone that life was changed, especially our Country's Military Widow families.
Later today I'm going to create a video on Periscope discussing 9/11, my PTSD, and major depression.